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For nearly thirty years, the C.Class family, with the enthusiasm of enlightening the sparkles of passion for learning in this treasured land, has stepped into the world of supplying quality stationary products for the society. Through these years, C.Class has always been looking forward to become a true brand of choice through what it makes, promotes and provides. Having such vision, it has put a persistent effort in bringing new ideas to the market and striving to better people’s lives, as a result. 
Throughout these years, passing the challenging obstacles of the industry, C.Class has transformed into a highly skilled enterprise having penetrated into different markets of Iran providing access to a wide range of products. From the very beginning, C.Class started its innovative dialogue with the society through introducing its unique correction pens to the market. Having been highly recognized with such a product, C.Class continued its endeavors to reinforce that dialogue through bringing a trace of innovation in whatever it promotes to society. The motive of C.Class has been to become the first choice of the new generations; a choice which not only satisfies the essentials of the people’s daily lives, but also becomes an irreplaceable element for all those who interact with the brand. 
Every day, C.Class endeavors to acquire a noble name as a leading brand in the Iran industry. C.Class desires to become a selected comrade for its audiences by helping them in expressing their thoughts & feelings; not only to conduct the new market trends but also to shape the beautiful ideas. 
C.Class looks forward to each new day as a new opportunity granted from the Compassionate God to serve people with a heartfelt passion and step forward towards its sublime objectives. C.Class refills its energy by the satisfactory smile on its audiences’ faces and every moment it reminds itself that it should be a role model for promoting the culture of performance. C.Class continues its endeavors to promote the public welfare by whatever it may do!

C.Class Mission
We will continue to promote the culture of performance, through inspiring all those who interact with our brand.

C.Class Vision
We work towards the ultimate goal of becoming a brand of choice, through whatever we make, promote and provide.

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No. 27.1, Saghafi St., Masjed Jame St., 15 Khordad Ave., Tehran - IRAN
Tell :55817573-021 ، 55817578-021
Fax :55816717
Email: info@cclass.ir

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